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A little bit about me (Roxy) and bikes!

roxy tour picture cropped

Hi my name’s Roxana, or Roxy, and I’m here on exchange from Australia (Adelaide) doing my BSW practicum. I’m so glad that I was given this opportunity to work at Arusha and further my understanding of the, what should be, intimate connection between social work practice and sustainability.

I feel like I should fit into Arusha quite well as I have a pretty strong bike background. I have worked for Bicycle SA for many years on and off doing the Bike Ed program, as well assisting bike SA as a warden on one of their 10 day bike tours around the beautiful Flinders Rangers. I have also had fun with bike touring on my own (unassisted) and my biggest achievement was when I rode from Adelaide to Cairns. Now, in a car that trip would be unbearable, but riding over 7000 thousand kilometers and taking almost seven months to complete the journey was nothing but a pleasure. However, for the last few years I have been commuting to and from work/uni on my bike (as I still don't know how to drive a car, and don't particularly want to start either) and  intimately understand many of the issues that face cyclists.

My aim here at Arusha is to learn and contribute as much as I can. Hopefully I will get to meet and know the “Arusha” community and also partake in the many events that this center organizes. I am also hoping to attain a bike as soon as possible, so getting over my fear of riding in the snow hopefully will not be a massive challenge. P.S as I gaze outside the Arusha office window, snow falls and I wonder how the city even functions in weather like this? However it does, and Arusha is a great example of how people get together and create a strong and positive community that promotes social justice and sustainability. Excited to meet you all and I WILL RIDE IN THE SNOW!