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MAY 04 Jane’s Bike: Pedal Powered Time Machine

Jane's Bike: Pedal Powered Time Machine

Join Cyclepalooza on this Jane's bike and travel through our city's history:

As Calgary has grown, our neighbourhoods have been built according to the fashions of their time. From the grids of downtown to the spaghetti streets of the suburbs (and everything in between), Calgary’s eras of growth can be read like the rings of a tree.

Join us on this Jane’s Bike as we pedal back in time from Calgary’s edge to its centre. Our journey starts near the 69th Street train station on the end of the West LRT line. From there, we will weave our way (mostly downhill) through a century of Calgary’s growth, stopping occasionally to chat about neighbourhoods, bicycles, and what should come next.

The trip ends approximately 2 hours later at Century Gardens Park (next to the Nexen Tower). From there, people are set free to pedal home, hop on the LRT for an easy trip to our start point, or head off to enjoy another Jane’s Walk in the afternoon.


In the field south of the Westside Recreation Centre, near the 69th Street Train Station. You will see a group of happy cyclists.

TIME: 11:00–13:30