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Calgary Mayor’s Expo Lights, Power, Action!

Hundreds of Calgary Board of Education students participated in the Mayor's Environmental Expo June 2-4 and Open Streets was there in a big way, pedal powering four live performers on the Civic Garden stage and providing bicycle and electricity education throughout. The Mini Pennyfarthing Rubber Chicken Bike Skills course was a hit as well as the pedal powered LED vs. Incandescent competition and the DJ sound system pumping out pedal powered beats for each of the three days.


Peter Puffin had the kids pedal power his entire show!


Pedal powered Dj and bubblemaker drew a crowd


The lineup for the FenderBlenderGenerators lasted all day


The Rubber Chicken MiniPennyfarthing Bike Skills course taught how to hand signal as well as how to ride a bike and size a helmet.


Remy Rodden was one of four performers fully pedal powered, saving 2lbs of C02 emissions for each hour of the performance.