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The 2016 Stampede Welcomes Cycling

2016 has been the best year ever for the promotion of cycling. “Generally speaking we do see biking as an increased mode of transportation to Stampede Park,” said Stampede spokeswoman Jennifer Booth. “It’s a great green way to travel to the park.”

Bill Gray, President and Chair of the Board of the Calgary Stampede, shows how easy it is to ride to the Stampede Bike Valet.
Richard Stone, Stampede Innovation, demonstrates how to pedal power the charging station and bubblemaker at one of the three Stampede Bike Valet locations.

Bicycles were officially welcomed into the Stampede Parade in 2014 and the 2016 Bicycle Rodeo featured kids bicycle barrel racing, bike clowns, and BMX stunt riding along with a pedal powered sound system from Open Streets. Highlights included a bike trailer leaving a trail of bubbles, a full size penny farthing rider going no-hands, bike made out of wood from shipping pallets, and hundreds of parade spectators singing along to the (adjusted) lyrics "Save a Horse, Ride a Bicycle"

Kim Nelson of Bike Calgary shares bike trailer bubbles with the parade crowd.
Bike Rodeo clown Laura gets wacky as stunt rides perform
Bicycle barrel racing with a pennyfarthing!
Pedal powered MC Gerald Wheatley announces the kids bicycle barrel racing
Mike Jones of Open Streets show off his Landry Woodworks pallet wood bike with daughters Sarika and Naili.