Powering Our World for Schools


Your kids can experience energy first hand in their class by pedal powering electricity. Learn about cycling, the forms of energy, and experience the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy! Here's the description for elementary, junior and senior high school students:

Powering Our World offers students experiential education in generating the electricity we use every day. Electricity is invisible but this activity provides hands-on learning by pedaling a Fender Generator, a stationary bike suitable for kids 8 yrs of age and older. Electricity is generated and supplied to various types of lights, music to provide understanding of energy concepts, technology, production, consumption, conservation, and impacts of electricity systems. Using a wattage meter allows students to experience and observe the electricity consumption of various common appliances. The experience of generating electricity with a stationary bicycle is an entry to discuss energy conservation, renewable and nonrenewable energy production, and the energy consumption of different types of transportation choices.


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Students learn how to answer the questions; What are some different kinds of energy? How is electrical energy unique? What are the sources of electricity? How much physical exertion is needed to provide electricity for a cell phone as compared to hairdryer? What are ways to conserve electricity? How does electricity production affect climate change? How do choices between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources affect consumption and pollution? How do transportation choices affect energy consumption?

This $400 hour long session provides all the equipment and staffing. Call 403 270 3200 to book now!


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