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Bike Warrior! Elbow Valley Cycle Club!

Elbow Valley Cycle Club is a membership program for passionate bikers. The program runs January 1 to December 31st. if you are interested in experiencing the program before becoming a member they allow one day trip that you can tag along on! I interviewed Don from Elbow Valley Cycle Club and he gave Open Streets the low down on their club and membership programs!

What made you so passionate about building a better bike community in Calgary?



  • Safety: more cyclists makes all cyclists safer on the road--motorists learn to expect to see cyclists
  • Opportunity: when we started the EVCC in '83, no one else was offering low cost easily accessible recreational cycling opportunities in Calgary
  • After a cycle across Canada, we realized that Calgary was surrounded by and contained superb cycling facilities
What has been your favourite trip/ event through the Elbow Valley Cycle Club? 
Don: I'm partial to the biannual Tulip Tour, however the member's undeniable favourite is the  annual Golden Triangle tour over the 3 day May long  weekend.   The GT attracts 350-400 cyclists annually and is entirely volunteer run

What do you think that the city of Calgary could do to improve the biking community? 


  • As a corporate entity, the City of Calgary is doing a good job of making Calgary a "bike friendly" community. The staff are excellent: well trained and dedicated.  Sufficient funds are available to realize the bike related projects that they envision.  There is adequate engagement.
  • The cycling community needs to learn how to best give the administration and politicians the support they need.  This means in part attending public engagement sessions and public meetings to discuss the projects.  There are a lot of projects and associated public engagement and it is easy to loose track.
What does the membership fees help pay for? 

The annual membership dues pay for:

  • Monthly socials (venue and refreshments),
  • Club insurance,
  • A telephone answering service,
  • A secure website with the ability to handle financial transactions,
  • Executive committee meetings,
  • Mapping software subscriptions,
  • Recognition for event coordinators
What kind of commitment is it to be a member? 
  • Other than paying their annual dues, there is no commitment requested from members
  • We have a number of expectations of members who attend rides:
    • wear an approved helmet
    • follow our group riding guidelines
    • show up early enough to get their affairs in order before a ride
    • not to leave a ride prematurely without telling another rider
    • come prepared and be relatively self sufficient (carry rain gear, flat tire repair items etc.)

Fun Fact: There is actually no physical location for Elbow Cycle Club; they create meeting places for club encounters!
for more information please look at their website