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Bike Warrior! Good Life Bikes!


(Right to Left) Ali, Quinn and Gwen

Good Life Bikes has an incredible atmosphere with social justice in mind! The idea behind Good Life Bikes is to be an open space for all people to feel comfortable and have a special place to talk and learn about bikes! They have an amazing weekly program that is Called G.E.M which stands for gender empowerment mechanics! This event runs every Wednesday and is exclusive to woman, transgender, non-binary and other marginalized individuals; that want to learn more about mechanics! Open Streets got the pleasure of interviewing three amazing "Greasers" Ali, Quinn and Gwen to learn more about G.E.M and the other amazing aspects about Good Life.

Why do you think it is important to bring more women and other marginalized individuals into the bike mechanics world?

Quinn: Gender inequality in the profession; and making marginalized individuals to have more safe places in the community.

Gwen: my biggest thing is that I would like to help change the societal standards. I would like jobs to not be seen as blue or pink collared jobs.

Ali: We would like to prove that cisgendered males are not the only ones capable of being mechanics.

for anyone who does not know cisgendered means that the gender you are born with is the gender that you identify with 

What has been the most inspiring part of your job?

Quinn: G.e.m for sure and having the ability to teach.

Gwen: Having clients come in and they think they wont be able to do do it. I also love that its safer, because people know their bikes more.

Ali: Helping people and helping people feel included in the bike community when they did not think it would be for them.

What do you think the city of Calgary could do to improve the biking community?

Quinn: its way more environmentally friendly, I think the city needs to realize it.

Gwen: they could defiantly make more improvements so pathways are most accessible from outside the downtown core.

Ali: Calgary has not put into perspective that the city needs green initiatives; especially recycling bike parts. I have done my research there is not a place in Calgary that recycles bike parts like we do!

Good Life Bikes store!

Fun Fact: Good life Bikes is the bike mechanics shop in Calgary that has mostly female employees. On top of that it is not just a bike shop they also host lots of concerts and other events!


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