Rentals & Services


We rent a variety of equipment including our unique pedal power gear detailed below.


For a detailed list of equipment and rates click below:

OSC Service Equipment List

Fender Blender


A blender and electricity generating bike! This unique stationary bike can be set up to blend up smoothies or generate electricity to power sound systems, lights and anything else you can think of. Check out videos of our gear in action on the About page.

Event Programming

Mini bike racing, penny-farthing bicycles, button making, disco lights, bubblemakers, and collaborative street art! Contact us about your event and we can help come up with unique, sustainable and fun programming. New for 2016! USB charging stations, pedal powered virtual reality projections! Watch our pedal powered projection video here.

projection culture day

Pedal Powered USB Charge Desk


Or how about a bicycle education session on bike safety, bicycle commuting, winter riding, or the use of the new Calgary cycle track?


We can also add a working solar panel to compare to pedal powered electricity output!

Relocalized solar panels






Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.22.31 PM

Watch this video overview of our work with companies.

Interested in Open Streets and know a company that might bring us in for team building, sustainability programs, or parties? Send them our corporate flyer! OpenStreetsCalgaryFlyerCompany



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